meet shun

meet shunI am an artist, a photographer, and a husband. But above all, I am a father.

It’s through these perspectives that I try to observe and capture the little moments that can last for a life time — the kind of moments that seem all too fleeting; the kind of moments that you wish you could hold on to and reminisce over. And it is the notion of being able to distill the essence of your family that inspires me and my photography.

It’d be my privilege to have the opportunity to share and document those unexpected moments in your life.

style of photography

My approach to photography can be summed up in just a few words: simple, natural, journalistic, unpretentious. When I am shooting, I try to be invisible. While you are having fun playing a game of soccer with your daughter, baking a cake with your twins or just enjoying the simple act of pushing your son sitting on a swing, I am there to capture the triumph in scoring a goal, the delight in the their eyes when the oven bell goes “ding!” and the wind stroking the cheek of your son’s face on the swing.

I shoot with natural light; I shoot on-location at a setting of your choice, and I don’t instruct anyone to pose or smile for the camera. Read more about what to expect during your session here.

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