on copyright

the gist

Your session guarantees a non-exclusive copyright license allowing you to print, copy or share images from the session — unrestricted. This a big deal! Why?

the back story

Copyright laws governing photography grant ownership and copyright of images to the photographer automatically. Consumers are almost always denied the access to the negatives of themselves.
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consumer empowerment

But I have an alternative perspective: Advances in technology have made many concerns about reproduction quality less of a problem today. “Digital negatives” can be copied repeatedly without loss of quality, making the “one-of-a-kind” issue a moot point. A properly prepared digital negative from a carefully calibrated computer monitor can carry crucial “digital quality control” information with it where ever the image goes. A word of warning: These images will only look as good as the quality of the lab that prints them. So where are these quality labs? Click to show this info below

My customers come to me for my vision and my art, not for the “professional” prints when they can easily obtain them over the internet with a little help from a professional like me.

So here’s my pledge:

  • I will apply the same stringent requirements to prepare your images as if I were sending the images to professional labs myself;
  • I will license images from your session to you for personal, non-commercial use with a signed copyright release. Printing labs can’t legally process your prints if they feel the ownership of the images is ambiguous (source); that’s why having my written permission helps should the occasion arise.
  • I will advise you on professional labs known for prints with impeccable quality and reasonable rates; there you will get the same choices as if I were printing them for you. Many of these labs also produce specialty items such as albums, canvas prints, oversize prints and more.
  • I will also show you where to go for great consumer labs with results that can rival those from professional ones (sans fancy options) for slightly cheaper prices.

Once the images are captured and properly prepared, you are empowered on when, where and how you want to make your prints at prices you are comfortable with. No longer will you have to decide whether or not to use that $45 print for scrapbooking. Yikes!

Lastly, you also benefit from this model by being able to recover any lost or damaged prints years from now should you or your family lose touch with the photographer (in this case, me). I’ve heard of too many people who wish they could make prints from a wedding or a favorite photo session, but they are unable to because their photographer is no longer available and labs can’t legally make reproductions. Of course people could bypass the labs and try to illegally reproduce the images at home. But the quality won’t be the same, and plus that is just bad karma. Who’d want that!?

green photography

Print only as many prints as you need at when you need them, and at sizes you need them. There’ll never be any pressure to buy prints at any power-sell presentations. Many people share their memories nowadays via the power of the Internet!

In addition, I don’t print or distribute too many paper-based business collaterals (hello, emails and electronic documents). Not only does it help with the environment (every little bit helps), but it also keeps my costs down so that I don’t have to pass the expenses to my customers! Everybody wins. Who says trees have to be sacrificed to show off those wonderful images of you and your family?!